Streamline Admin Workflows

IntelliMed stands as a suite of Business Process Automation tools crafted for medical practices, reducing administrative costs & boosting productivity.

What we offer

IntelliMed boasts an assortment of integrated administrative tools to streamline your workflows & increase the efficiency of your staff

IntelliMed, is a range of Business Process Automation (BPA) tools that allow medical practices to reduce administration expenses by dramatically improving labour productivity. It does this through a clever interplay of technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation and Business Intelligence.

Developed by tech specialists at Houston Productivity, the modules in the IntelliMed suite are not just generic software, they are specially designed solutions to assist Medical Clinics to make work easier across the clinic.

IntelliMed is not a "instead of" solution designed to replace staff, but an "in addition to" solution that streamlines work and enhance the capabilities of your staff.

Our Track Record


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  • The Intellimed automatic enrolment system has saved us so many hours and reduced the number of errors as well. No more having to read messy handwriting! Everything is already in the PMS. The Patients really appreciate the efficency of our systems. They can enrol their entire family through one QR code and don't have to worry about scanning or printing paper forms.

  • As the only 24 hour/day urgent care clinic on Auckland's North Shore, Shorecare serves a huge variety of patients. In implementing a paperless arrival process, we found that patients respond to digital interfaces in all sorts of unanticipated ways. (IntelliMed) has been outstanding in their responsiveness to feedback and willingness to tailor make a solution which considers these complexities so that the patient's journey goes as smoothly as possible.

  • We have started a new GP practice and we were able to register more than a 1000 patients in 6 months time with minimal support staff. This was only possible with the online enrolment forms that enter the data straight into the PMS. Another major improvement in efficiency is the EzyScan. This makes scanning and filing medical documents much less time consuming and frees up my admin staff to do other things.

    The support from Houston has been great. The team is very approachable and they are able to fix any problems at short notice. These products are definitely the way forward to improve efficiency in primary care and we look forward to future products and solutions from Houston Productivity. 

  • We are delighted with the newly integrated online enrolment services we have received through IntelliMed. The automatic creation and entering of patient details have saved us so much time and relieved one less task and worry for our busy reception and administration team. We are grateful for the technology that has made our work more efficient and streamlined, allowing us to focus more on providing excellent service to our valued patients.

  • We are committed to improving our patient experience and better use of technology to support the patient journey is a key component of this. That's why we enjoy working in partnership with the IntelliMed team to streamline our patient access opportunities. Anthony and his skilled colleagues are able to capture our requirements and develop processes in a responsive agile manner leading to a better user experience for all.